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Photo and video - Janusz Kuśnierz

Relization of Website for Photographer from Limanowa in Poland

Implementation of the website for a client operating in the field of photography and video production, mainly in Limanowa. The client was a long-term client of the competition and decided to give me a chance as a contractor.

Mr. Janusz Kuśnierz has already had an aesthetic side that has worked for years, but at that time technologies have changed a lot and the best solution was to create a new project from scratch.

After a long talk about functionality and plan, I went through with it.

I made a template with a landing page, with a general outline of the offer and accrued a large number of positive feedback from customers.

The main function of the site is the so-called. "Customer Area", a place where customers can view online video. An additional feature is that the created galleries will automatically delete from the system after a certain time, thus saving the server space.

Standard implementation is based on my own system Altego. I've worked on simplifying its handling, code optimization and added some extra functionality.

Tasks list:

  • prepare the site template according to the client's expectations.
  • implementation of CMS Altego,
  • formatting and editing text,
  • SEO optimalization,
  • realization of additional functionality ie CRONE task, automatic removal of obsolete content,
  • database migration from previous version.

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