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Complex-limanowa.pl - insurances, loans

A website project for my employer. Insurance company working in limanowa district.

That was one of the first developments I made for my employer, who gave me the opportunity to grow in marketing, from where I reactivated my programming interests and focused on creating websites.

The website I completed comprehensively described the service my employer provided and contributed to the 500% increase in brand interest!

Tasks list:

  • preparation of the site template according to customer expectations,
  • implementation of CMS,
  • text formatting,
  • SEO optimization,
  • preparation of marketings strategy,
  • new logo project.

This project is also linked to the implementation of an internal database system that allows the management of the insurance company's contractors.

By this system it was not difficult to maintain order and relations with customers and to keep track of the timing of disbursement of sales commission or the date of ending insurance.